hey johndarnielle why isn’t there a mountain goats song called “going to hell”

there was one, back in the very very early days. there was also a “going to mars.” I really liked “going to mars” but I think maybe “going to hell” did not measure up to the title, I don’t recall…

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The fun part about working with museums is that the institutional racism is so thick you can cut it with a knife. These two pictures are of database index trees that are created to help people search for art or artifacts. Notice the categories under “African Art” in the first picture… Yup, all it says is African Art… again. What you can’t see is that there are 7 categories under Asian Art. It took me 2 weeks to get them to change it to regions in the second picture. So now, if you search for West African, you won’t get stuff from Kenya and Egypt too.

African cultural items are often poorly managed, poorly catalogued, poorly maintained, and when on display, poorly mounted. They aren’t the priority of most museum spaces and there isn’t as much available literature on the items as there is for Greco-Roman crap: that’s some old colonial bullshit.

However, I still stand by the idea that they shouldn’t even have these cultural items in their possession, but until that day comes, they’re going to learn how to respect them.

I probably need to start a museum displays tag….because while we’re seeing great strides in some directions, it’s because of people who are actively trying to fight the existing problems in the way information is presented to us….

Man I remember when I took an African art history course, it was divided up by individual cultures. It was awesome.



So today Marvel announced a new Thor on The View. Which makes sense because this Thor will be a woman as you can see the artwork below. And this is really Thor by which that means the person with the hammer is Thor and woman will have the hammer.

But the reveal of the new title, written by Jason…

Loki has been a girl before. It’s really not much of a stretch to have Thor be a lady.

Yay more lady heroes.


my contest entry for Pumpkin-Online’s contest. it’s already over and i’d submitted my previous rushed version of this, but i try not to leave my art incomplete
also damnn their doctor is fine

Dang if you’d had finished this in time for the contest you would’ve easily gotten top 3 at least. 


my contest entry for Pumpkin-Online’s contest. it’s already over and i’d submitted my previous rushed version of this, but i try not to leave my art incomplete

also damnn their doctor is fine

Dang if you’d had finished this in time for the contest you would’ve easily gotten top 3 at least. 


coalsplittail asked:

So read the "How and why Harleen became Harley" post. Why does the fact that she used her sexuality to get good marks and that irk you so? It upsets me a bit because I never knew that bit about her and I am ashamed to say that.

wouldyouliketoseemymask answered:

It’s not that she used her sexuality in exchange for grades that bothers me—it’s that people either overlook it in an attempt to sanitize her character or shame her for it. Both attitudes are harmful.

People have no qualms calling Harley a “whore” or a “slut” for sleeping with her professors, but never shame the professors themselves for a.) having sex with a student, b.) giving out grades unfairly, or c.) being foolish enough to jeopardize their career. IMO, that says a lot about fans’ general attitudes towards sex and women. They don’t shape the male professors because they’re too busy shaming Harley. I’ve also seen this attitude directed towards her after she had sex with Deadshot—there was even a line in a comic that compared her vagina to a clown car. 

When people overlook or otherwise ignore Harley’s past, it’s often either because they are uncomfortable with it or because it compromises their fantasy of Harley being this “innocent” and “pure” girl who was suddenly corrupted by Joker. And that makes me angry, tbh. Not only is it picking and choosing aspects of her character instead of embracing Harley entirely, but it implies that her past is something that is shameful and therefore does not fit their idealization of her. And it’s not the unfair gaining of grades that bother them—it’s her amount of partners. They don’t like her having sex with anyone else besides Joker, not because of shipping, but because it compromises her “purity”. Some will say that her past is irrelevant because it took place when she was Harleen instead of Harley, but IMO that is a flimsy excuse for sanitation. 

I could care less how many sexual partners Harley—or anyone else, for that matter—has had. It’s people insulting Harley, holding her up to unfair ideals, and trying to turn her into something that she is not that I find upsetting. 

I don’t like the iteration of Harley that slept her way through college.

I like it when writers have her be actually smart, and have earned her degree, but she’s still a ditzy weirdo. 








I wish Batman was depicted like this more often.  Many of his villains are mentally ill and victims of tragic circumstances, it would be nice to see him try to help them as much as he helps the people they put in danger because of their problems.

I tear up every time I watch this show.  “I had a bad day too, once.” 

Best version of Batman. Best version of Harley.

I prefer Batman when he wasn’t a ultra-paranoid nutjob.

This this one thousand times this! What I freaking hate is that that crazy, joyless version of Batman is considered the “default” or even “better” version because of stuff like shitty writers (oh hi there Frank Miller) and the Nolanverse movies, which in themselves are a deconstruction of that version of Batman. Nolanverse Batman is unsustainable. Nolanverse Batman is completely without a lot of his support network for the majority of the trilogy. Nolanverse Batman pushes people away and ends up having to stop being a superhero in order to reclaim his humanity. That is practically skywriting saying “comics Batman is obviously different to this, this is an interesting AU.” I truly love the Nolanverse movies, I think they’re brilliant, but god do I hate it when they’re misinterpreted into comics canon. Also, Nolanverse Batman isn’t full-on crazy joyless Batman either; he quips, he teases people, he fucking smiles.

Bruce Wayne’s Batman is one of, quite possibly foremost of, my favourite superheroes, but not for any of the reasons that seem to be glorified about him in those psychotic versions. Yes, he gets obsessive. Yes, he is an utter control freak. And those are his flaws, not his strengths.

You wanna talk to me about Batman’s strengths? Talk to me about the fact that he’s the adopted single father of five kids (yes I’m counting Damian because the way he was brought into the family is analogous to adoption).

Talk to me about the fact half of his information networks are made up of ex-cons he’s rehabilitated into education programs where they flourish, and the other half are Arkham inmates who he acknowledges as the leaders in their field. Talk to me about the fact that most of the time, they’re willing to give him the information he needs.

Talk to me about the fact that he became a superhero out of the self-awareness that the trauma of losing his parents so mentally scarred him that he knows he can never be well-adjusted, but he wants to use his warped perspective to do some good so no child will ever have to endure what he did again.

Talk to me about the fact that he became a governor on the board of Arkham Asylum not to persecute but to protect the inmates, because even though they perpetrate utterly abhorrent acts they are still people with rights and even the capability to one day reform.

Talk to me about how many times he’s paid for Harvey’s surgery, and the fact that Harvey still refers to Bruce as his one friend who’s always stood by him.

Talk to me about him sponsoring Harley’s parole and laughed as she backflipped with joy.

Talk to me about the fact that, because he knows he can get stupidly stubborn and out-of-control, he surrounds himself with people who refuse to take his crap (Alfred, Babs, Selina, Dick, Jim, Leslie, etc) because he knows sometimes he needs to be stopped.

The real Batman is not some psychotic sadist who hates people and never smiles.

The real Batman is a grumpy socially awkward dad with badass friends, plenty of issues but also a moral compass, a strong belief in human rights and the ability to reform… with a soft spot for people as maladjusted as him.

Accept no substitutes.

Reblogging this again for the glorious commentary. This is Batman. THIS.

One of my favorite scenes in all of the Batman I’ve read (and I have read most of Batman) is when Bruce, Tim, Damian, Dick, and Alfred all sit down in the living room together and watch The Mark of Zorro. It’s Batman’s way of remembering his family, and he does it WITH his family.